Reasons to Learn a New Language

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Reasons to Learn a New Language



1. It Expands Your Job Opprotunities


The world is becoming more connected and companies are doing businesses in several countries. Therefore, they want employees that know both the language and the culture of several countries.


2. Opens Up a New World of Literature


Although many works are translated, there is nothing like reading a text in its original language. You get a stronger sense of the author´s style and message.

3. Increase Brain Power


Studies prove that students who are bilingual usually do better in standardize tests than those who are monolingual. This is because learning a new language aids in the development of the area of the brain that processes information.


4. Have a Better Travel Experience


By learning the language of the country before traveling, you will enrich your experience. Not only will you be able to communicate with the locals, you will also get a better understanding of the culture.

5. Make Stronger Friendships


If you are able to speak several langauges, you will be able to make stronger bonds with people from all around the world.




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